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An Independent Partner for all your Telco Needs

Modern businesses with staff dispersed across multiple sites and departments require mobility, continuous connectivity, and device security. Work with a partner who can take care of all your telco needs

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    Save Valuable Resources

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    Optimize Costs


Do you need VoicePlus?

If your organisation experiences any of the following issues, you've come to the right place

  • Difficulty managing telecom and technology requirements
  • Multiple providers offering complex billing structures
  • Lack of clarity in current provider or carrier spend
  • Unclear visibility of all services and asset inventory
  • Unsure how to optimise mobile and fixed-line costs
  • Frustrated by Telecoms providers support and service
  • Struggle with technology and complexity
  • Need to improve security

What Sets VoicePlus Apart?

VoicePlus is the first Australian company to develop managed mobility services. We've spent over two decades offering independent choice, control, & genuine customer care while addressing your greatest telecom, mobility, and device challenges.

Our all-in-one platform:
  • Centralises & simplifies management - one contact one platform
  • Gives you complete control and visibility of your assets and costs
  • Integrates with leading business applications
  • Provides a proactive approach to cost optimization
  • Offers one contact point for multiple telecom providers
  • Has the highest Gartner rating in the Asia-Pacific region

Atrium Bundled Services

Integrated Managed Mobility & Endpoint Services

Leverage all VoicePlus has to offer with our all-in-one Atrium bundle solution. Confidently outsource all your managed mobility and endpoints needs to:

  • Enhance device security Optimize costs
  • Optimise Costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase visibility
  • Enable scalability

Or, choose individual services to meet the specific needs of your business
card-img Expense Management & Optimisation

Mobile, Fixed, Data & Laptops

Manage all of your telecom expenses in one place. Gain automated insights into trends and usage, optimise costs, & spend less time manually managing finances.

card-img Device Lifecycle Management

Mobile & Laptops

Establish a well-defined life cycle management process that reduces costs, improves security, and ensures your organisation’s devices operate effectively.

card-img Procurement and Support

Mobile & Laptops

Alleviate the burden of navigating the day-to-day challenges of your mobile device management process with our procurement & support services.

card-img Device Security & Application

Mobile & Laptops

Protect your organisation from data breaches and security risks with streamlined mobile device management for your mobile fleet.

card-img Office, Branch & Site Connectivity

Routers & IT site Deployment

Deploy and connect IT equipment to multiple sites without the need to increase staffing.

One Partner. Complete Control.

VoicePlus helps organisations see and understand their telecom and asset expenses, giving you the control to make more informed decisions. Our all-in-one Atrium Integrated Managed Mobility & EndPoint Services platform simplifies your operations, saving you time and money. See why organisations trust VoicePlus to help them tackle complexity and regain control over their managed telecom services.

Reduce Costs Track Assets Security
Reduce Costs

Mitigate overspending and optimise telecom expenses with real-time billing reports, analytics, and insights into usage trends. Our unique all-in-one platform offers dynamic dashboards focused on reducing your costs, providing proactive strategies for cost optimisation. Honour your bottom line and lower your costs with VoicePlus.

Track Assets

Gain visibility and insight into your telecom and endpoint assets with automated IT asset management. VoicePlus makes it easy to maintain a complete and accurate inventory of any mobile device and computer your organisation needs to keep track of. Take the stress out of inventory management and asset tracking by setting up your organisation on the Atrium platform.


Take control of your organisation’s security with streamlined mobile device management for your mobile fleet. Protect your endpoints against cyber threats and security breaches while reducing costs associated with procuring, maintaining, and supporting mobile devices. Without device security and application solutions, you can efficiently scale your organisation’s services and stay on top of the latest in mobile device management and security.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by leading and innovative companies of all sizes


Devices Secured


Hours Saved



Client Outcomes

Clients who partner with us gain access to our years of experience and hard-earned expertise. Our independent team focuses on helping clients get the most out of their assets, lowering costs and increasing ROI. We've helped dozens of companies achieve better business results.


Catering - Multi-sites

  • Identified billing errors
  • Optimised costs and eliminate unnecessary spending
  • Minimized the impact of Supply chain issues

Construction - Field Workers

  • Centralised Management for Multi-Carrier & Vendor Support
  • Simplified device enrolment & app deployment
  • Extracted value from end-of-life devices

Transports - Distribution

  • Streamlined & improved the accuracy of telecom bill processing
  • Identified lost services and devices
  • Eliminated manual processing

Farming - Distribution

  • Removed bottlenecks in the procurement & support process
  • Protected confidential information
  • Improved accuracy of cost allocation & asset tracking


A Partner You Can Trust

Experience the difference of working with the only Australian independent provider recognised by Gartner as one of the highest-rated companies in the Asia-Pacific region. VoicePlus has the expertise and experience necessary for you to confidently outsource all your telecom, managed mobility, and endpoint needs. We’re committed to building long-term, successful partnerships with our clients. We look forward to helping you manage your telecom and mobility solutions.

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