Protect Your Organisation with Security Solutions

Safeguard your organisation from data breaches and security risks with our streamlined mobile device management for your mobile fleet. VoicePlus provides comprehensive Device Security and Application managed services, supporting all major Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), and Unified Enterprise Management (UEM) applications.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Device Security & Application with VoicePlus

By partnering with VoicePlus for your Device Security and
Application needs, you'll enjoy:

card-img Expertise and resources

Our specialised expertise in managing and securing mobile devices offers a higher level of security and support compared to in-house teams.

card-img Cost savings

Outsourcing Device Management reduces costs associated with procuring, maintaining, and supporting mobile devices, as well as training and staffing an in-house team.

card-img Scalability

As your organisation grows, so does the number of mobile devices. Our Device Management services scale to accommodate this growth, helping you avoid costly and time-consuming transitions.

card-img Improved security

We have the tools, processes, and expertise to secure mobile devices against cyber threats and data breaches.

card-img Better device management

Our efficient management of large device fleets includes tracking inventory, provisioning new devices, and providing remote support.

card-img Access to new technologies

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest mobile technologies and best practices in device management and security.


Enhance Your Organization's Focus & Security

Outsourcing Device Management to VoicePlus significantly benefits organisations in terms of cost savings, improved security, and better device management. By working with a trusted provider like VoicePlus, your organisation can focus on core business activities while ensuring your mobile devices are secure and well-supported.

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